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Boost your selling opportunity and service level

For Retailers , customer satisfaction is always the first topic. However, are you sure your customers feel happy with your service?


Actually, your customers are not satisfied.


Thanks for a lot of marketing and sale efforts, customers will come to your store, hope to find what they want. But they will angrily leave it if their desired goods are out of stock. Or they even give up to buy in your store chain if they get that item, but already expired one!     

The reason why these cases happen is poor inventory management.     

In many retailers’ warehouses, people cannot find out some items even when those are still available on system. Besides, they also do not have suitable expiration tracking solution, leading to a lot of expired items before sale.     

But you do not have warehousing expertise and have other things to manage? Don’t worrry, because...


eton know your difficulties and can help!


Let’s close your warehouse and bring stock to eton. Once we receive your products, every single steps linked to them will be rec orded in our system. This helps to minimize mismatches between physical and systematic process and prevents the situation above.     

Besides, eton also helps our clients to forecast optimal stock level thanks for accurate data recorded. If your store chain g ets API connection from eton, we surely can ship products to your store JUST IN TIME. Hence, your customers always get what they want in your store.     

Moreover, you do not need to worry about warehouse cost in low time. Just send your products to eton’s warehouse and get ZERO fe e in the first 30 days because we are working only on flow, not stock.     

So easy to save cost and make your customers happier? Call us if you are interested. We surely can help!