Founder’s notes: “What makes us different?”

With 15 years at UPS and Amazon as well as successes at GHN and Tiki in Vietnam, I have come to believe that  there are always underutilized capacities in logistics system. And if we can leverage those, we can deliver better services to the market, businesses and consumers .

Eton’s end-to-end solution is not merely a one-off software program that promises “miracles.” Instead, it is an EVER-EVOLVING system that integrates automation, adaptive people processes and layout solutions to give Vietnamese businesses a competitive edge against other players in Asia.

We are working on the FLOWS, not the STOCK

Customers always want their desired products available in RIGHT QUALITY, RIGHT QUANTITY and RIGHT TIME. To serve them, the conventional approach is scattering stock over markets, which is inefficient. Eton’s objective is to guarantee a highly fast and accurate flow from manufacturers/ retailers to end-customers at much lower cost. We aggregate the market demand to utilize Economy of Scale & Scope in both warehousing and delivery, hence leverage logistics system all over Vietnam.

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