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About Us

eton: End-to-End Logistics Architects

Tired of complex logistics challenges? eton isn't your average 4PL provider. We engineer robust solutions that solve your toughest problems, from predicting demand to optimizing warehouse space. We don't just make recommendations – we see them through, from design to execution.

Proven Results with Largest Retailer (by store count): Our expertise is clear. We helped the Vietnam's largest grocery retailer, tackle out-of-stock issues and optimize inventory levels. Here's how:

  • Auto Replenishment Engine (ARE): This AI-powered system analyzes past sales data and real-time inventory to automatically generate purchase orders and send replenishment instructions. The result: fewer out-of-stocks and less on-hand inventory at stores.

eton: Beyond Recommendations, We Deliver: Unlike other 4PLs, we don't just design solutions – we build and implement them. This integrated approach offers several advantages:

  • Full Ownership: We engineer, develop the software, and manage the execution. This ensures seamless operation and faster problem-solving.
  • Advanced WMS: Our custom-built Warehouse Management System utilizes sophisticated algorithms to optimize space and boost picking and sorting productivity.
  • Innovative Automation: We've developed cost-effective solutions that don't require expensive technology. This includes an automated sorting system, HISAS, and an enhanced sort-to-light system for efficient order fulfillment.

eton is your partner for a future-proof supply chain. We engineer, execute, and deliver real-world results. Let's build a stronger logistics future together.

  • 2024

    VOTA: Supercharge Your 4PL with AI

    Volume Optimization: VOTA maximizes space utilization in packing and shipping, leading to potential cost savings.

    Operational Efficiency: VOTA streamlines your 4PL with: Automated Workflows, Cost Reduction, Faster Fulfilment.

    Tech Platform: The cloud-based platform offers Scalability & Data Insights

    AI Power: VOTA utilizes AI for Smart Order Fulfillment & Predictive Inventory.

  • 2023-2021

    Pandemic Adaptation Strategies

    Implemented new logistics strategies to maintain efficiency and safety in response to COVID-19 challenges.

    Shifted focus from stock distribution to managing efficient flows, ensuring faster and more accurate delivery services across Vietnam.

  • 2020

    Market Expansion

    Optimized warehousing and delivery processes to leverage economies of scale, reducing operational costs.

    Enhanced logistics systems to ensure delivery of products in the right quality, quantity, and time.

  • 2019

    Advanced People Processes

    Focused on adaptive human resource strategies to optimize employee performance and system responsiveness.

    Focus on Quality and Timeliness

  • 2018

    First Order - End-to-End Solution

    Introduced sophisticated layout solutions in warehousing to improve operational flow and reduce costs.

    Began development of eton’s proprietary, ever-evolving logistics software, enhancing competitive edge.

Founder’s notes: “What makes us different?”


With 15 years at UPS and Amazon as well as successes at GHN and Tiki in Vietnam, I have come to believe that  there are always underutilized capacities in logistics system. And if we can leverage those, we can deliver better services to the market, businesses and consumers . 

eton’s end-to-end solution is not merely a one-off software program that promises “miracles.” Instead, it is an EVER-EVOLVING system that integrates automation, adaptive people processes and layout solutions to give Vietnamese businesses a competitive edge against other players in Asia. 


We are working on the FLOWS, not the STOCK

Customers always want their desired products available in RIGHT QUALITY, RIGHT QUANTITY and RIGHT TIME. To serve them, the conventional approach is scattering stock over markets, which is inefficient. eton’s objective is to guarantee a highly fast and accurate flow from manufacturers/ retailers to end-customers at much lower cost. We aggregate the market demand to utilize Economy of Scale & Scope in both warehousing and delivery, hence leverage logistics system all over Vietnam.