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Leverage your international distribution network


For Brands or Manufacturers , shipping products from Vietnam to their end markets is a big concerns at the moment. Finished goods are packaged in containers, transported to be stored at end - market warehouses.


This process costs too much!


Warehousing cost in other developed countries is at least 1.5 times higher than that in Vietnam.       

Storing goods in multiple warehouses also leads to a big waste. As square root rule in Supply chain, if you have n warehouses, your inventory will be √𝒏 times larger than total cycle stock; meaning your cost increases by √𝒏 times.       

Besides, forecast variation rises when we keep multiple warehouses. It results a lot of reshipment among different countries, which is really costly.


eton can help to solve these problems.


Instead of suffering from such high cost, you can send your products to eton’s warehouse in Vietnam. With eton’s service, you just plan only the total optimal cycle stock and get the inventory shrink to the lowest level.       

We will plan to ship your products in suitable frequency and load volume to other countries. Hence, all you need in end market are only small sorting centers, not the big warehouses at high expense anymore. Besides, eton can manage to ship your products JUST IN TIME, which minimizes reshipment among your different end markets.       

Low warehousing cost, low inventory, low reshipment will be brought you effortlessly by eton. Interested?