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Your fulfillment is good? We can make it better!

Are you sure your fulfillment and distribution do not cause you headache? Currently, this topic is still a severe difficulty of Retailers, Manufacturers and Brands. Inefficient fulfillment leads to heavy cost, restricts your cash flow and especially, worsens your reactivity to market; which indirectly make your customers upset.  

eton recognized clearly and built complete solutions to address those problems. Our service is the combination among 3 factors: system, process and people; which guarantees the accurate matching between physical movements and data recorded.
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eton’s system ensures to record correctly every single steps of items in warehouse, therefore enables easy problem detection and continuous improvement. It is often refined by integrating new AI algorithm.
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eton’s process is designed to cater each specific business model. It describes clearly product flow and break down into step-by-step. This ensures the transparency and productivity in fulfillment.
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eton’s people are well-trained in both system and process. Besides, with “thinking out of the box” mindset, we always do research to to find out better solutions for you.

Share with us your difficulties, eton can help!



eton can help you to minimize inventory cost and improve your reactivity to end markets in different countries.




eton can help you to keep track every single item in your stock and enable optimal inventory for you.